Jovel’Industry Launch Artwork – An Impression by Honest Lihle Mhlanga

Nick Jackson Handover to artist Honest Mhlanga

On the 15th September, Business Eswatini partnered with the Eswatini Events Managers and Promoters Association to launch the Jovel’Industry campaign which has been on the lips of every artist since then. The event was headlined by notable entertainment icons including the patron Mthunzi ‘Shadow’ Zwane, artists Nomalungelo, Vutsamlilo, M-Nation, Dj’s CDQ, Misto-soul and comedians Gogo and Ndosh. On the sidelines, fine artist Honest Mhlanga was sketching his impression of the whole event and campaign. The resultant artwork was then auctioned by the host of the event, BE CEO – E. Nathi Dlamini who also bid on behalf of Nick Jackson who is the Managing Director of RES Corporation. Nick outbid the Minister of Health Hon. Lizzie Nkosi and eventually got the piece for E 7,000.00. Yesterday, 28th September 2021, Nick Jackson visited BE to handover the cash to Honest Mhlanga in the company of his wife Vanessa Jackson and Res Corporation Public Affairs Manager Sifiso Nyembe. The brief and cosy event was led by E. Nathi Dlamini. The below are remarks that were made by the two CEOs.    


The auction took place during the Jovel’Industry vaccination launch of a collaboration between Business Eswatini and the Entertainment Association. I sadly could not make it but Nathi thankfully, took it upon himself to be my proxy. I am grateful for the small bidding show that ensued thereafter. In fact, that’s how I know that some people just understand you without much effort, and Nathi is one of them. He was very generous with my money – but I appreciate it for the end it has come to meet. I love what Honest is doing and have been a great admirer of his work for a long time now. He articulated this piece and being the eventual winner of it is gratifying beyond description because it is nothing short of a masterpiece.

Entertainment Industry Suffering

The entertainment industry has been on a protracted restriction and I am very happy to have gotten the opportunity to make my contribution towards one of the artists who have felt the harsh reality of it. Indeed, it is not enough but if we could multiply these small efforts they could add up to something big and sustainable.

On another interesting note, I saw the footage of our ‘vicious’ bidding battle with the Hon. Minister of Health and I am not proud of what Nathi did on my behalf. Of course it is satisfying but it was not the intention to beat a Minster especially one of Hon. Lizzie Nkosi’s stature. I am also sad for the minister because she has done phenomenally well in providing leadership on the response to the pandemic. I am also aware that often times she has been forced to take very difficult decisions which hardly resonated with all of us equally. World over, the unprecedented pandemic has led to economic and social turmoil and we just all wish it would go away. As Eswatini and the local business community, we have not been spared but thankfully we now have effective measures in our hands to steer ourselves out of this mess. The non-pharmaceutical measures have proven effective even against the strongest on the latest variants of COVID-19. Fast-forward to late-2021, we have another measure which has also proven to be extremely effective in preventing deaths and severe illness from COVID-19: The COVID-19 Vaccine. One would hope that we may all take the vaccine as soon as possible in order to avoid falling into the expensive and dangerous claws of the virus at a time when our health systems are stretched beyond limits. Taking the jab would also ease the strain on the industries which have been under lengthy restrictions. So today, I also kindly encourage all of the patrons of the entertainment, tourism, hospitality and sports industries to do the right thing and take their jabs. If you have not been vaccinated I urge you to do so. Jovel’Industry soon!!

The handover

Today I am pleased to fulfill my obligations by happily making a payment of E 7000.00 towards what I think is an exquisite work of art’’. I do hope that over time this painting will appreciate in value; and I’m sure it certainly will, given the level of expertise and ingenuity that has gone into it. I further would like to encourage Honest to push the boundaries of artistic expression as he has done with my art piece. Honest I would like to thank you and to encourage you never to give up. You are at the twilights of your career and certainly better times lie ahead of you. Keep up with the positive attitude and resilient spirit of enterprise.

Lastly, I would like to thank Business Eswatini for always staying closer to the needs of industry. The vaccination exercise and Jovel’Industry campaign would not ordinarily be what BE is expected to drive but because of the passion for business and the economy they are going even beyond their boundaries to assist our ailing hospitality, entertainment and sports industry. Thank you very much for that. 


Nick Jackson: The Posterboy to Emulate

Nick Jackson did not only buy the piece at the going price but added to it a nice premium; something which was outstanding and very generous of him. This is commendable particularly because around this time all artists are suffering the brunt of the economic malaise which seems like it is not going away at a time when we all want it to go.

All CEO’s, business people and the general public at large should emulate Nick’s example and support these artists who are also young and upcoming entrepreneurs whom we hope will bud to become big businesses in future.

Business Eswatini is very passionate about young people and still advocates for that they are accorded all the support they need in order for our economy to have a resilient base upon which to build successful enterprises. It is in the power and dynamism of the youth that will also fast-track the evolution and adaptation rate to the new normal in order to ensure business continuity into the future.

As we are here supporting a youth artist, we again urge the youth of Eswatini to get vaccinated in their numbers in order to reopen the whole entertainment, hospitality and tourism industries who are also critical in the survival of the economy through improved balance of payments. Vaccinating is our biggest gift of life to our artists.

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