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Our Vision

To be the leading organization that fosters the development and economic empowerment of women in business in Eswatini.
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Our Purpose (Goals And Objectives)

  1. The office of Business Women Eswatini (BWE) is committed to consulting with members on its main mandate; advocacy, lobbying, representation and provision of services to women in the business sector. 
  2. The purpose of these consultations is to craft an employer’s mandate on issues that need urgent attention to be actioned and reported to the BE Board and members.
  3. The goal is to capacitate women with vocational and entrepreneurial skills. It is important for BWE that through projects, women can learn how to be business-minded and find opportunities around them. 
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Our Mission

To facilitate and advocate for an enabling environment for sustainable entrepreneurship of women in Eswatini through; the coordination of capacity building programs, dissemination of business-related information and provision of mentorship programs for existing and aspiring business women.
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Business Women Eswatini (BWE) has a committee that comprises of six (6) members drawn from the Business Eswatini (BE) membership from different sectors.