Breaking New Ground in Devolving the Economy

Through the membership of Business Eswatini (BE), and under the tutelage of Business Women Eswatini (BWE), we’ve broken new ground in devolving the economy to every nook and cranny of every neglected village in the kingdom of Eswatini.  Never in our wildest dreams have we ever thought the private sector would be the embodiment of hope to the hopeless; and the help needed to the helpless.  We therefore stand in awe as we marvel at, and witness with our very own eyes, the women and youth previously ostracised and economically disenfranchised being empowered; and their lives transformed right before our very own eyes.

Some have said Business Eswatini through BWE is doing the work of God in desperate times when God can only appear to the masses in the form of bread. But for Business Eswatini members, they believe it’s good business to ensure that no one is left behind.  And what a privilege and honour for US (BE), personally, to be part of this story which is being written for all to enjoy. To Business Eswatini members, we say THANK YOU on behalf of our youth and the women of this country. This is only the beginning of the storyline with more chapters yet to be written. Together, we are changing the complexion of our economic landscape.

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