The Vukani BoMake Project (VBP)

The Vukani BoMake Project was launched by the Business Women Eswatini (BWE) Committee in response to the Covid-19 pandemic in 2020. This is a project that provides employment and running of business opportunities where we set up structures called cottage factories that are fully equipped with sewing machines, access to clean water and electricity as well as other necessary equipment needed to run a factory. The most unique factor about the project is that we use waste fabric to create our goods that are then sold for profit. This then gave life to our slogan “turning trash into treasure”. This project is not only a platform that provides employment but it also seeks to protect the environment from more waste pollution.

VBP focuses mainly on the most vulnerable economic groups which are unemployed women in the rural areas, the youth and people living with disabilities (PLDs). These groups are the beneficiaries of the project as all cottage factories are run by them. The Project has developed an intensive product list as it manufactures face masks, reusable sanitary pads, reusable shopping bags, underwear, baby clothes and clothes for children up to the ages of 6 years, as well as blankets. It has also recently added accessories such as bags, earrings, bracelets and neck pieces. The Youth currently produce underwear, bralettes and swimwear. The women and people living with disabilities (PLDs) produce the rest of the products listed above. 



So far the Vukani BoMake Project (VBP) has had four (4) major clients for the products, namely:

  • Days For Girls
  • Bantwana as well as
  • PnP Stores Eswatini
  • OK Foods Stores Eswatini



The birth of the project brought forth great promise as organisations chose to partner with us in order for the project to grow and impact more people, which in turn benefits the communities at large. Our partners include:

  1. United Nations Development Programme (UNDP)
  2. United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA)
  3. International Trade Centre (ITC)
  4. Catalyze Eswatini
  5. MTN Foundation
  6. Ministry of Tourism and Environmental Affairs
  7. The Municipal Council of Manzini 

The Vukani BoMake Project has shown remarkable growth in the past two years since it was established. The project shows innovation and business acumen and it additionally supports families from the most vulnerable backgrounds. Many of the participants had no source of income before becoming part of this project and are now able to earn a living. VBP has a strong likelihood to be instrumental in growing rural areas and the families that live there. The introduction of Vukani Youth has resulted in many opportunities that the project can take advantage of however, there remains a need to continue training and facilitating the necessary skills and technical know-how. Potential Partners are more than welcome to join us on this journey as we strive to change the economic situation in the country for the better.