#Ngyabuya/ #Syabuya Campaign

The COVID-19 vaccine has thus far proven to be an effective measure to
control the spread and the ugly effects of the COVID-19 pandemic which has
spared no one, including the business sector. Most businesses were placed on
restrictions which led to a significant number of them being closed down and
together with decent jobs under threat. In Eswatini, the hospitality, sports and
entertainment industries have been placed on a protracted restriction leading
to heavy losses which cannot be sustained into the future. This phenomenon has
caused a lot of anguish for the players of the industry and it is very alarming.
Given the arrival of the vaccine which the above-mentioned industries have
long been advocating for, there is hope on the horizon. Government has
made the clarion call for everyone to get the jab as soon as possible in
order for the nation to reach herd immunity at record speed. Business Eswatini,
in recognition of the need to help save lives and avert further decimation of
these industries which are part of the macro-level business, has had to
intervene on the situation. She has partnered with government to expedite
the delivery of the vaccine to the private sector alongside other implementing
partners. Of late, the vaccine has been made accessible to anyone above the
ages of 18 regardless of occupation and/or social standing.

With that being said though, there seems to be a new common enemy. Vaccine

There have been a lot of unfounded theories making rounds especially on the
digital platforms which have not escaped the attention of the youth in
particular. A lot have taken the bait and are hesitant to take the vaccine. The
same youth between the ages 18 – 35 years are the majority and they are
the ones who believe that they will be spared from the dangers posed by the
pandemic because their immune systems are purportedly indomitable in this
connection. This group is unfortunately also the target market for the hospitality,
sports and entertainment industry players.

Due to the foregoing all players of the industry need to come together and
promote vaccine acceptance among themselves and their fans. If the industry
waits, it loses time and opportunities to reach the collective goal of herd immunity
where all restrictions will be relaxed to allow the industry breathe again.

This is where comes in the concept – Ngyabuya/ Syabuya is a drive that seeks
to unite the industry players to speak with one voice to their fans and shift
the mindset of the youth towards vaccine acceptance in an all-encompassing
fashion. These include artists, sports personalities, media personalities, event
organizers, celebrities and/or social figures, influencers in all categories It is
believed that these, if they speak and stand together, would command a huge
influence that will deliver the call to action to the youth. If the youth make the
move, certainly the other laggards from advanced age groups will be
persuaded likewise. And with that, we will all reach our collective national

Representatives from the above-named categories will be requested to be the
faces of the campaign which will be hugely populated on both traditional and
social media. They will record video clips and take photos on the vaccination
day for their use on their platforms. Artists who can provide entertainment as
the vaccination drive continues will be welcome to do so.

15 September, 2021, Time: 1000hrs

Vaccination site will be set up at Business Eswatini premises where all invited
artists and personalities will get their jabs. Those that have already vaccinated
will do some dummy shots for purposes of the campaign. No one should be left
behind for any reason.

Business Eswatini premises
Business Eswatini does not commit to sponsor any shows on the day, but certainly
will consider any courtesy acts for future collaborations.

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