We play a key role in shaping our economy’s growth by being a critical voice in policy reform that seeks to enable a conducive business environment. To do that effectively, we work closely with policymakers, investors and organized labour organizations.

Advocacy & Representation
  • Our members and the private sector at large are represented, promoted and defended with a united voice when engaging with government and organized labor bodies in order to unleash full business potential and stimulate the economy.
  • BE advocates on behalf of the business community in discussions with the government on issues affecting businesses and providing opportunities for our members to influence civic and socio-economic initiatives that support community growth.
  • We have joint collaborations and representation in both regional and international chambers on issues of common interest.
  • We are the home where the government consults on issues, plans and strategies that could impact the Kingdom’s private sector.
  • We facilitate the ease of doing business in Eswatini, particularly where business opportunities are available.
Support and Advice
  • We provide training opportunities at reasonable or no cost to members for the purpose of upskilling them with knowledge on various thematic business areas in line with best practice, compliance and capacity development on matters related to industrial relations.
  • We provide training opportunities for small business to meet national requirements as they rise.
  • We share critical information to our members and employers in general through newsflash updates, social media, direct emailing and telephonic advice.
  • Information circulation on proposed changes to legislations like employment legislation, trade and commerce legislation and other is circulated to members exclusively.
  • Representation at the Industrial Court and CMAC (on Conciliation and Arbitration).
  • Chairing and initiating disciplinary hearings and drafting of collective agreements and employment contracts.
  • Provide an avenue for businesses to have a one on one advisory session where we discuss business issues and provide unique business solutions.
  • We also have sectorial engagements through sector meetings where issues impeding the ease of doing business are discussed.
We provide a Voice where it matters

Local Advocacy

We help make Eswatini a conducive environment for both businesses and their employees by having a voice on local policies that matter. We do this by way of the healthy relationships that have been formed with policy makers.

Regional Advocacy

we represent the private sector in key regional boards and forums where matters that have to do with cross border trade are litigated and we raise our voice loud for the benefit of the private sector in Eswatini.

User-paid Services

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Strong partnership with Government & Trade Unions

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Holistic Representation of small and big businesses

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Vibrant Collaborative relationships with other Chambers and solid support from International Development Partners.

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We are the unifying force for the entire business community.