For the next 2 weeks, BE CEO E. Nathi Dlamini will be representing the private sector in the 110th Session of the International Labour Conference (ILC)

After over two years of virtual meetings, the ILO has convened the110th session of the International Labour Conference face-to-face and the agenda is packed. Issues to be discussed  are wide-ranging with equally wide-ranging implications on the world of work; and on workers and employers alike. The pandemic in particular and the fourth industrial revolution that’s come knocking at our doors earlier than previously envisaged, have changed everyone’s perspective, including mine, on many things and of late all eyes are unsurprisingly fixated, almost firmly, on what they refer to here as a “human-centered” approach to economic recovery. Of course we’re yet to engage and debate these matters in the next few days, and I, for one, look forward to participating in any manner permissible by my status as an vote-bearing official delegate.

The bottom line is that whatever is officially adopted here becomes law everywhere, almost literally. This means that we, as delegates, must always have our eyes peeled and ears alert so that the legitimate interests of our country or alternatively, the interests of the three social partners in the country are not ridden roughshod over. It’s a packed program ahead as it ought to be.

Let me add this: The ILO has been very good to Business Eswatini and I value their partnership and commitment to Business Eswatini especially in the past four years.  As I attend these meetings here in Geneva I cannot help but wax lyrical about our relationship with this organization.  I do so as the prospects of yet another project which I have on my mind looms ever so large; a project which will need  partners of substance such as the ILO.

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