We are excited to share some good news that Business Eswatini in alliance with SWABCHA will be rolling out a COVID-19 vaccination programme to the entire private sector of Eswatini imminently. This initiative is courtesy of the Ministry of Health and local Development Partners to whom we are very thankful. We are excited because this vaccine comes at a time when the third wave has begun to hit the country.  We are, and have been, very uncomfortable with the level of protection of our private sector employees against the virus

Since the first round of lockdowns the economy has been on a downward spiral and a large number of businesses have suffered as a consequence. The common culprit has been none other than the virus.

It is against this backdrop that we feel privileged to be part of the exercise of inoculating the private sector in all the regions of the country. We feel there is no better way to serve the people than to protect them from a deadly virus. For this reason we would like to applaud the ministry of health, SWABCHA and our development partners for making this dream come true for Business Eswatini.

We therefore require that each company register with us as soon as possible. This can be done in 4 simple steps:

  1. Download the registration form via this link: https://business-eswatini.co.sz/forms/
  2. Fill out the form (an example has been made for you)
  3. Email the form back to these emails:info@business-eswatini.co.sz and programs@swabcha.org.sz
  4. Like our Facebook Page for further updates:  https://www.facebook.com/businesseswatini

We encourage you to share this update among all business people within your reach as our aim is to ensure that all businesses keep their doors open amidst the threat of another deadly strain of the virus. We believe that the roll-out will be a huge success through cooperation from all parties involved.

For further enquiries do not hesitate to contact our office via email to: mbusos@business-eswatini.co.sz or programs@swabcha.org.sz

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