Business Community and ESERA hold Successful “Power-Talk”

One of the major objectives of the Indaba was to discuss the issues around the availability and sustainability of energy supply in the country, especially post 2025. It was felt that it is important to have an open conversation on this matter especially around the guarantee of future supplies of electricity as well as on the migration from fossil fuels to the more desirable and sustainable green energies. With the widespread reports of energy shortages which might necessitate load-shedding, it was felt that all stakeholders need to come together to look for ingenious ways to avert this threat. As the country seeks alternative sources of energy, which the private sector has already begun doing, the gathering felt that we need to be mindful and sensitive to the price-points at which these alternatives will be offered. Another issue which the gathering felt strongly about was the need for BE to be to consider matters of climate change as said matters require urgent attention.

BE were very pleased to note the cordial manner in which the engagements were conducted between business, the electricity supplier and the energy regulator which is something that was encouraging to all. Furthermore, the energy regulator did mention that we are in the midst of a regional energy crisis which he said could be overcome by Eswatini as the country is well endowed with biomass which can make it possible for the country to move towards renewable energy at a faster speed. He also alluded to the fact that energy is a key driver of economic development and as such, it was imperative for the regulator to be involved in this meeting, not only just to share regulatory information with attendees, but to also gather ideas from the business community.

BE are still yet to reflect on the key insights from this engagement. However, we are grateful as an organization to all members who represented the private sector meaningfully in this important discourse and we also wish to thank all stakeholders for the sheer spirit of cooperation which they displayed during this landmark energy indaba.

We will give further updates on this in due course.

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