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(a) BE plays an important role in advocacy and lobbying for changes in policy and laws for the benefit of its members as "the voice of business."
(b) Members have access to reliable information, benefit from a wide range of core & user-pay services related to trade, commerce industrial relations.
(c) Members benefit from capacity building initiatives such as generic training, in-house training and seminars.
(d) Members build business networks through networking events aimed at encouraging linkages between SME’s and large businesses.
(e) Business Eswatini is a helping hand when things go wrong.

(a) E 5,850.43 (SME Package)
(b) E 22,671.12 (General Package)
(c) E 48,350.02 (Aluminium Package)
(d) E 96,700.04 (Bronze Package)
(e) E 134,564.69 (Silver Package)
(f) E 179,419.58 (Gold Package)
(i) E 269,129.39 (Platinum Package

NB: Joining Fee - E1,710.00 Plus Annual Subscription

Section A

6. Number of Employees (fill in numbers next to each category)

8. Wage and Wage Negotiations

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17. SECTION C [Contact Person(s)]

(a) Name of Managing Director / Chief Executive

(b) Name of Personal Assistant to Managing

(c) Name of Chief Finance

(d) Name of Human Resource / Corporate Affairs

(e) Name of Supply Chain / Logistics Manager:

(f) Name of Marketing Manager:

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