Enterprising women slog away

In the words of the CEO it’s a virtuous circle when enterprising women slog away on the factory floor to create national wealth. The Bank steps in to facilitate funding; the taxman takes his dues; Minister of Finance steps in: Bills are paid and the nation is healed for yet another day. The #VirtuousCircle is made whole

A hectic brainstorming session #nationbuilding

After a hectic brainstorming session with BWE leadership, the President had to strike a subdued pose at the end #nationbuilding

The Economic Recovery Plan

Minister of Economic Planning Dr. Thambo Gina: “The #EconomicRecoveryPlan is about gearing Government & the Private sector to work together. The Plan is a E30 billion stimulus package that will accelerate our economy into a much more sustainable path to achieve our development vision. Business Eswatini CEO E. Nathi Dlamini: “One day #COVID19 will be over so we need to prepare. As the private sector we congratulate Government for grabbing the bull by its horns. It’s not easy but it has to be done. We will work with you because you are sincere & committed.”

Business Eswatini mourns the sad and untimely passing on of the Rt. Hon Prime Minister.

Passing Away of His Excellency the Rt. Hon Prime Minister He came. He gave. And when he was spent, he left. There are no words to express our shock and sorrow as a business community. The news of the demise of His Excellency the Right Honourable Prime Minister still feels like a nightmare from which we are yet to awaken.  We have always known that life is fleeting but this is too sad to bear and too soon to accept. As a business community we have been privileged to avail of his wise counsel over the years on important issues. And at another level, we have enjoyed his partnership and friendship. We have benefitted from his leadership as a former president of the Chamber and latterly, as prime minister of the land. He had the best interest of the country at heart in everything he did. In the midst of this deadly pandemic, he gave his life completely to mitigating its devastating effects on the people. Little did we know that, fight as he did, he would end up succumbing to the very same disease he fought so hard to prevent. As Business Eswatini we would like to pass our sincere condolences to Their Majesties, His Excellency’s family, especially Make Dumile and the kids; the business community and the entire nation at large. May your soul rest in eternal peace. Andrew le Roux       ...

Memorializing H. E. The Rt.Hon. PM Mr A. M. Dlamini

The private sector of Eswatini E. Nathi Dlamini 24 Dec 2020 These are the collective sentiments of the private sector on whose behalf I have the privilege to express. They are from every businessperson in the land: big and small; formal and informal. It is their feelings for this moment whose time we had yearned will never come in our lifetimes. For us as a business community we have lost that which was a source of inspiration and hope. We have lost a treasure of a man who came and gave everything, and took nothing in return. And when his life was spent, he left. Hope denied at a time when needed the most; Hope that kept the business community going when all else was floundering.  His Excellency was the perfect expression of that hope, yet he understood only too well that man cannot live on hope, even though he accepted it as truth that without hope life wouldn’t be worth living either. It was this hope that brought us this far. We therefore plied our trade not only as a means of creating jobs and sustaining desperate communities; but it was all about nation-building and creating a better life for all – through business. Our efforts were vitalized, in large part, because we knew these things were important to the Prime Minister. But here we are today to say Not all is well with us, as the hope that sustained us is no more. No amount of pious platitudes can sooth the anguish we feel today. Our faith is diminished by the fear of having to walk alone again without him who was the mainstay of our sector; and he whose currency of exchange was...