Trade & Commerce

The main role of the Trade & Commerce Directorate is to give guidance and advice to the Board of Directors and Membership on issues affecting members from a Trade and Commerce perspective.

This include, but not limited to advisory services on:

  1. Cross boarder issues
  2. Tax related issues
  3. Small & Medium Enterprises (SME) development issues
  4. Trade and investment issues

Advocacy and Lobbying

  1. Promote and defend interest of the private sector in policy and regulatory framework
  2. Organise dialogue between business and policy makers
  3. Organize sector meetings for business dialogue common interest

Advisory and Information Services

  1. VAT refund procedures
  2. Import and export procedures
  3. International trade agreements
  4. Doing business in Swaziland
  5. Economic statistics and review
  6. Policy and economic research
  7. Provide company specific advice
  8. Provide advisory services on SME development
  9. Trade and investment promotion

Research and Consultancy

  1. Market Intelligence survey
  2. Salary survey
  3. Demand driven economic research

Trade and investment Promotion

  1. Facilitate participation in trade fairs and investment missions

Training and business Development

  1. In-house training
  2. Generic training
  3. SME Training

The department also provides customised services which include workshops. A number of disciplinary hearings are also chaired by the office on request by members. Company policies are also reviewed as per member’s requests.

Trade & Commerce Representation

FSC & CC represents members in several national, regional and international bodies and fora such as:

  1. National Steering Committee on Trade Facilitation
  2. Technical Committee on Investments
  3. Business Consultative Committee
  4. Customs to Business Forum
  5. Domestic Taxes to Business Forum
  6. Standards Authority Advisory Committee
  7. Technical Barriers to Trade Committee
  8. National Coordinating Committee for COMESA Programme
  9. Steering Committee for Independent Power Producers and Renewable Energy Policy Development
  10. Labour Advisory Board
  11. National Steering Committee on Social Dialogue